Event:A Week of Marigolds
Organizer:Lisa Jackson
Start:Wednesday May 11, 2022
8:30 PM PDT
End:Thursday May 19, 2022
7:00 PM PDT
Contact:Lisa jackson

This online auction is in support of BC Cancer Foundation!

Auction ItemsValue
Basket of Natural products from Ash Refillery valued at $30

Valued at $30

Cutting board
Handmade locally made cutting board

Valued at $40

Cutting board darker wood
Handmade locally made cutting board

Valued at $40

Charcuterie board
Handmade locally made checker board style Charcuterie board

Valued at $45

Set of coasters
Handmade locally made wooden coasters

Valued at $30

Mr Green Jeans Garden Basket
Bulbs: 1pk Picasso Calla Lily
1pk Florissa 10 mix Anemone
1pk Florissa 5 mix oriental lily

West coast seeds
1pk- Peredovik sunflower
1PkTaiyo Sunflower
1pk east coast blend wildflowers
1pkBenefical Insect wildflowers
1pk Pacific Northwest blend wildflowers

Hudson Valley Seeds
1pk Wild Berganot
1pk Lemon Balm
1pk German Thyme
1pkThai Basil

1 metal adjustable nozzle
1 Swiss style by pass pruner
I set of house plant tools
1garden works garden gloves. (Large)
1small plastic green watering can

Gardener Care
1bar of gardener soap
1tube gardener cream

For the birds
1small bird house
1 tube bird feeder
Armstrong ultra blend bird seed large bag (7lbs)

Garden Info
Edward smith’s The vegetable Gardener’s Bible.

Wooden rustic basket

Valued at $160

Snack basket
Savoury :
1 bag organic blue Que Passa blue tortilla chips
1 bag Harvest pea snacks
1 Nooch sisters nooch popcorn
1 Lillte Stand medium
Salsa jar
1 Pickle Ponder pickled Brussels sprouts jar
1 box

RW Garcia Sweet Potato crackers
1 bag Wonderful honey roasted shell less pistachios

1 bag More Granola -Pumpkin pie bites
1 dry fruit loop medley
1 jar silly cow sea salt and caramel hot chocolate powder
1 small bag of mini marshmallows
1 Sirene Tingo Maria dark chocolate 73% bar

1 small case of Phillip’s Soda Works Cream Soda

1 Games Room Movie buff trivia game

Valued at $80

Mini Snack Basket
1 bag of wonderful pistachios lightly salted
1 bag of Harvest pea snaps
1 bottle of Dan-D pk mixed nuts lightly salted
1 box of Cheese Sticks original cheddar
1 bag of Stacey’s pita chips
1 bag of mooch sisters’ popcorn
1 jar Pickle Pender pickled mushrooms

1 bag of coconut clusters
1 bag of vegan squish jelly candies
1 container 12 flavour gummy bears
1 Sirene. Dark chocolate bar

Drink :
1 6 oz Boylan black cherry Soda

1 box Games Room Pop culture trivia

Valued at $65

Hair care package courtesy of Fish Hair Salon
This package features styling mousse, hairspray, Shampoo and Conditioner.

Valued at $305

Decluttering and organizing gift card
This is a 2 hour session for decluttering and organization courtesy of Ebb and Spruce

Valued at $150

Signed photo of Brock Boeser
Here is a signed photo of Brock Boeser of Vancouver Canucks

Valued at $40