Promote Your Brand

Our system ensures that everyone benefits

The benefits of donating an item to a charitable cause can be hard to measure. Our donor platform gives you more control over your donation so that you can increase your brand exposure.

Here are just some of the features that are available to you

Your logo can appear on bid sheets and the event slideshow.

Your donation can be displayed on the event page with a link to your website.

The amount that your donation raised will be available to you.

You have the option of placing a brand promotion image on the event page beneath your donation. This promotion can include a link to a web page that you specify. We'll even give you statistics on the number of page views and clicks.

Connect with charities that might not normally contact you. Sometimes it can make sense to donate to an out of town event as well a local one. Our platform gives you that reach.


We're revamping our donor platform with even more features. Details will be revealed in the near future.